Graduated in Computer Science (BA), with 15 years of experience in software development, project management and working with clients.

I chose professional retraining after I decided to follow my heart and become an interior designer. I am a graduate of the interior design studio of "Berezin-Shoham" in Tel Aviv where I learned to turn my talents and abilities into the profession I have been practicing as an independent since 2010. The combination of the two professions I have acquired and my experience in managing complex software development projects, enable me to accompany clients in the project from A to Z and lead them to the best result.

​From my point of view, the secret to the success of such a project lies in the cooperation between all the staff involved in the project, meticulousness and comprehensive planning of each stage before being carried out.

​My ability to identify the potential of an asset, to comprehend customer requirements in depth, and to translate these needs into accurate work plans and 3D simulations, enables me to turn a dream into a reality, and to transform a property into Home that meets all the functional and aesthetic needs.

​I believe that the way I lead my clients is just as important as the final result. To ensure a successful outcome in such a complex process it is important to choose wisely the designer, and trust her every step of the way.

I do not have a preference for a specific design style. The design expressed in my work reflects the preferences and choices my clients made with my guidance and advice all along. Since the house serves the people who live in it and not me, I believe their home should express them accordingly.

Shiri Blum Lauden

God Is In The Details

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